Ordo's Oddities

Episode 2

Burying the Burgomaster

Burgomasters Manse

  • The adventurer's meet Ireena Kolyana the step daughter of the fallen Burgomaster

    • Burgomaster's heart gave out after repeated attacks against his home
    • Claw marks and scorch marks marred the exterior of the home
  • They agree to take Ireena Kolyana to Vallaki, but she will not leave until her step father is burried

    • Ireena Kolyana was found in the Stavich woods as a young girl
    • She doesn't remember her life from before being found
    • The town doesn't trust her now since she has been twice bit


  • Party arrives at the Church to the Morning Lord in north Barovia looking to have Donavich bury the late Burgomaster
  • The church was seen in disrepair and part of the roof had fallen in
  • The party hears a young man's screams from under the floor
  • Donavich's sanity hangs by a thread

    • His son Doru was apart of the peasant uprising that stormed Ravenloft
    • Doru returned several nights later changed to torment Donavich and bring down the church
    • Donavich captured his son and placed him in the undercroft of the church and he has been stuck there for nearly a year
  • At midnight an eerie blue light fills the stained glass windows, a deathly procession of fallen heroes take up their cause to sack Castle Ravenloft. The procession begins in the cemetery and reaches the castle full of the souls of fallen heroes.


  • At dawn the party takes the Burgomaster's body to its final resting place
  • As he is laid low, the sun is cut away as stratus clouds cover the sun
  • A large bat lands on one of the obilisks in the graveyard and it transforms into Strahd

    • Strahd remarks on how the visitors have caught his attention
    • He specifically calls out the magical powers of Vando and Ignus, and offers to aid Haggis, who only cooks for people and doesnt know about his magical abilities, to discover his power.
    • He orders the party to stand aside as he reclaims his Tatyana
    • Ismark yells for Donavich to take her inside to safety
  • The battle of the Barovian cemetery occurs

    • Strahd casts a gem down that bursts and creates a Tomb Golem from graves and fencing
    • Haggis places himself between the monstrosity and his party while directing them and is wounded/knocked unconscious
    • Sedgewick charges into the fray and after a protracted struggle is also renderd unconscous
    • Ismark commits to battle
  • Strahd charms Ireena Kolyana and she turns to go to him. Vando thinking quickly renders her and Donavich to sleep
  • Strahd turns into the bat monster and kidnaps Ireena Kolyana
  • The party slays the Tomb Golem

Blood of the Vine Tavern

  • The party moves to rest and regroup

Town Square

  • Party purchases a deer carcass and sends it to the church for delivery

Bildrath's Mercantile

  • Vando enters to find livestock
  • Bildrath sells a "schnauzer cat" to Vando

Blood of the Vine Tavern

  • It is decided that they will break into the Chruch to purge the holy site of its unholy occupant
  • In a need to get silver weapons, they will go to Bildrath to get weapons

Bildrath's Mercantile

  • The party cant reach an agreement on price for a silvered war cleaver
  • Ignus purchases a silver piece of a lightning or sun statue that was embedded in the temple of one of the peasants that washed up after the falled coup


  • Vando sneaks into the church to put Donavich to sleep so that they can deal with Doru without him knowing
  • He notices the dead deer that was delivered to the church
  • Vando and the party are not as sneaky as they would like to be and Donavich is put to sleep by Vando completely aware of what the party was trying to do


  • The party makes their way into the basement and attempts to use the "cat" to lure Doru
  • Doru  is able to climb in and behind the party and the party is unable to do significant damage
  • Doru is eventually turned by Haggis after knocking down most of the party
  • Doru  runs into the night from the church

Monsters Encountered

Loot Acquired

  • "Cat"
  • Dreamcakes
  • Some books
  • Silver Spike improvised weapon


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