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Ordo's Oddities is a traveling group of miscreants, freaks, and oddities that would travel through the Sword Coast. The carnival is run by a man named Ordo Danko. Ordo had recently fallen into a bit of a stupor over the news of his brother, Teddy Danko, passing in Nightfall. Nightfall is a series of islands near the Sword Coast.

The carnival was traveling and stopped one night to rest when they were set upon by an unnatural fog…

Current Party Status

After tracking down Doru the party was helpless as Barovia burned to the ground from the magical fire that was set during the chase. The party leaves Barovia in ruin begins making their way to Valaki. On the road they stopped in to meet with Madame Eva to get Sedgewick healed. Now the party beds down for the night just east of the Tser Falls, as they continue their journey to Valaki.

Ordo's Oddities takes place in the Curse of Strahd campaign setting. We're going to play through the module as the start to a larger campaign. There will be a lot of homebrew within this campaign which will be noted as it is encountered in the course of the game.

We livestream this campaign through Twitch as well, and our current schedule is listed here.

  • October 10/21 1400 CST

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Ordo's Oddities

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